Fort Bliss Infantry Combat Team Complex One

Choose Owens architects to provide final submittal model and federal required Bentley work space model and sheet submission package. The design was completed in Revit and Owens architects created a Bentley BIM model to match the design. The service package will also include the maintenance of asbuilt model with connected sheets for the final submission.

BIM (Building Information Model) design services. Federal Project Support

Our team has developed a network of professional that have experience with the requirements for BIM. The content that we can produce form the BIM model can make the difference in each project. Our staff have experience working with many of the districts.

See an overview movie about the content created for the submittal created for this project

March 26

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AGC request Oa BIM services to provide a Webinar lessoned learned for Corps of Engineer Projects based on case study of project completed to date. View and download the presentation

Request our New DVD information packet with this email link it includes all the content options with examples of BIM advantage

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